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Heroine from Innsbruck – Diana Obexer Budisavljević

Translation into English: Tatjana Ćosović

Serbian edition

German edition


978-86-7396-488-1 16,5x23 cm, 155 стр. hardcover, photographs , , , , ,

Од истог аутора

Бошко Ломовић

The name of Diana Obexer Budisavljević is associated with one of the greatest humanitarian achievements in World War II. Austrian by nationality, Diana Obexer Budisavljević rescued around 15,000 children from Ustaša camps in the Independent State of Croatia. Over 3,000 children died during the rescue or immediately upon leaving camps, exhausted by torture, hunger and illnesses, while more than 12,000 Serbian children survived the war.

Over a hundred people joined her “Action Diana Budisavljević”, some of whom gave their lives for the rescue of detained children.

This book aims to once again shed light on the heinous crimes of the Ustaša death camps, but also on the humane battle of the woman who voluntarily pledged her life for innocent children – from newborns to 14-year-olds.

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