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Suffering of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Independent State of Croatia / Страдање Српске православне цркве у Независној Држави Хрватској

Bilingual edition in Serbian and English

English translation: Tatjana Ćosović

978-86-7396-580-2 22х28 cm, 624 pages hardcover, photographs, coated paper , , , ,
  • In the Independent State of Croatia, in 1941–1945, the Serbian Orthodox Church, its clergy and the Serbian people experienced the suffering of biblical proportions.
  • In-depth texts are accompanied with 885 documentary photographs showing destroyed, half-destroyed and burnt churches and chapels, ruins, pits.
  • The book contains biographies and data on 227 Serbian priests, of whom the majority perished in their homes, churches, or in the camps of Gospić and Jasenovac. The methods of execution of some priests and bishops are described, and numerous examples of the brutal annihilation of clergy families by the Ustaša are given.
  • Around 450 Serbian churches were destroyed and around 800 ravaged and damaged. In many churches, the Ustaša were killing the Serbs en massethe obliteration of the Serbian people was the main task of all military formations of the Croatian state and its apparatus.
  • The photographs and facsimiles which illustrate the cooperation of the Roman Catholic Church with the Ustaša regime show that, in many cases, Catholic priests were the instigators or direct executioners of crimes against the Serbian people.
  • The Episcopate of the Roman Catholic Church, headed by Archbishop Stepinac, never publicly condemned the crimes against the Serbian people, nor did it publicly distance itself from the criminal activity of the Croatian state and its structures from 1941 to 1945.
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