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Prose and Poetry Selection

Translated from Serbian: Maja L. Markovic


Serbian edition: Изабрана проза и поезија

978-86-7396-886-5 14,5х21 cm, 232 p. 2023 ,

Од истог аутора

Dusica Ivanovic

“Readers are presented with a book of well-honed verses, strong symbolism and metaphors, wonderful pieces of synaesthesia and personification, spacious in terms of the scope of spirituality and of what is said, the depth of what is felt, in terms of the effect of aesthetic reach; a book of love, quiet light, searching and finding; repentance and forgiveness, honesty and coping with its absence. This book possesses very lush sensibility, from all shades of darkness to the gorgeous rainbow colours of love that is sought, longed for and finally found.”

Milica Jeftimijevic Lilic, MA, review of the book “Disarmed Letters”, Belgrade, 2019


“Dositej Obradovic once said that instead of translating something into Serbian, it would be more accurate to say – make the text Serbian. Pursuant to Dositej’s linguistic remark, and not touching applied literature for a single moment, I would say that Dusica Ivanovic skillfully generalized all the peculiarities she dealt with, and that she enlightened everything that is Serbian, precisely due to the introspective sincerity and clarity of her verse creating.”

Gordana Vlajic,  review of the book “That’s How a House is Built”, Belgrade 2021


“You do not need to recommend this book because it will anyway find you in every meridian and language of the world; it is a book that has got the secret keys of time. The Keys of Life are both the keys to life’s universal truths, solutions, equations and a message of the book. In the world of constant truths, in which every person is an unknown person and someone completely specific, Dusica Ivanovic gives The Keys of Life from an angelically pure distance to all the people of the world, inviting them to have the courage to be themselves, because that is the only way they can contribute to the beauty of the multitude that we call the world.”

Gordana Jez Lazic, review of the book “The Keys to Life”, Belgrade, 2021

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