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Dusica Ivanovic

Dusica Ivanovic is a teacher of Serbian language and literature, proofreader, journalist and writer. She was born in the Serbian town of Loznica in 1960. She graduated from the Department of Serbo-Croatian language and Yugoslav literature (Proofreader-and-Editor Course) of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. In Belgrade, she worked as a proofreader, journalist and teacher of the Serbian language. She also worked as a translator of the Slovak language in Bratislava for four years. She lived for 23 years in Canada, where she worked in the computer department of a large insurance company. Besides, she was engaged in teaching work at a Serbian-language school, was a member of the editorial board and proofreader of the literature-and-culture magazine “People Say,” published in Toronto, Canada (“Ljudi govore”), a journalist in the Serbian Canadian Magazine SAN, published in Toronto, Canada, and a contributor to the weekly “Toronto Newspaper,” published in Toronto, Canada (“Novine Toronto”). She was a Serbian-language proofreader for Serbian authors in the diaspora, as well as an organizer, author and host of literary events in the Serbian community in Toronto.

She has lived in Pancevo (Панчево), Serbia since 2021. She still collaborates with the magazine SAN, writes literary criticism and reviews, and publishes her own poetry and prose. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia (UKS), the Serbian-Canadian Association of Writers “Desanka Maksimovic”, Matica srpska, and the Institute for Children’s Literature in Belgrade. She has published ten books of poetry and prose. Her poems are represented in poetry anthologies, collections and selections. She participates in numerous international literary meetings and events. Dusica is the winner of the “Ivo Andric” Academy Charter in 2014 for poetry, the “Rastko Petrovic” literary award for the best novel in 2020, as well as numerous charters and recognitions for her literary work and contribution to the preservation of the Serbian language and alphabet.

The Association of Writers of Serbia awarded Dusica Ivanovic with the “Saint Sava Gratitude” Award (“Svetosavsko blagodarje”) in 2022 for her lasting contribution to the reputation and development of the Association.
Dusica Ivanovic has been a friend and donor of the Association of Single Parents and Families of Children with Disabilities “Blue Shell” (“Плава шкољка”) for years, and since 2022 the first ambassador of the “House of Hope” Foundation (“Кућа наде”). Together with her husband, Zoran Vujanovic (Зоран Вујановић), she actively participates in the work of this association, especially in donor activities, in the presentation of “Blue Shell” and its projects in the media, and in the preparation and realization of events organized by this association.


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