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The Scent of Almond in Cambodia

Translation from Serbian: Tatjana Ćosović

978-86-7396-585-7(SK) 13,5x21 cm, 116 p. hardcover, illustr.

Од истог аутора

Александар Милошевић

Aleksandar Milošević po­etically delineates the history and destiny of the Cambodian people, their social and existential status, centuries-long experiences, most often immensely bitter. He uncovers archetypal pictures, dominated at times by primordial wisdom, silence and lyrical elements. Readers can follow the preparations and departure of the lyrical subject through China to inspiring Cam­bodia, where he celebrated the new 2016 year. He testifies to the world that receives him in an embrace, with an open heart and a warm bosom. Milošević paints the pictures of life oppressed by foreign exploiters, weaves the stories about suffering and victims… He  meets his new Asian friend, who is old and wise, and who conveys bitter testimonies about suffering and resistance. He is attracted by an old cemetery, nature and people, as well as youthful enthusiasm, songs and plays. He is lured by mysteries, both from the reality and dreams.” (Foreword by Mićo Cvijetić)



I am sitting under
The tree of almond,
Waiting for the spring to come,
Waiting for you to blossom.

Your flower is beautiful,
Your scent is beautiful, almond.

When she feels that
My drops of sweat
Also smell of the almond flower,
When her lips are also
I remember you, almond.
I dream of your smell the entire year,
Waiting for you to blossom,
Now in the spring.

So that I feel your
Fragrance once again,
So that she feels it again,
So that it smells for us
Throughout the year,
In the moments
Of touches and happiness.

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