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The Keys to Life

Serbian-English edition

978-86-7396-820-9 14,5х20,5cm, 66 стр. paperback 2021

Dedicated to the children from the Association of Families and Single Parents with Children with Disabilities “Blue Shell”

and to everyone who knows

how to hear with their eyes

talk with their palms

walk in their mind

see by the touch

love again with a broken heart

still believe after all hope is gone

and against all odds

start anew like never before



“To dream, expect, believe – these are not only the steps towards the fulfillment of a wish. These are the steps on the ladders of one’s own soul, leading us to the level where feelings begin to substitute all other senses. Why? Because love is the only ingredient of all keys to life.

This is not a book to be recommended. This is a book that will find you in all meridians and all languages of the world, a book that holds the secret keys to time. The keys to life are at the same time the keys to universal truths, the solutions to the equations of life and the messages of this book. In a world of constant truths, where each person is an unknown, an individuality on their own, Dušica Ivanović – from an angelically pure artistic distance – gives her Keys to Life to all people of the world, inviting them to have courage to be themselves as it is only in such way that they can add to the beauty of the multitude, which we call the world.” (From the afterword of Gordana Jež Lazić)

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