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Mirjana Marinšek Nikolić

Mirjana Marinšek Nikolić is a writer and visual artist. She graduated from Belgrade University and studied literature and art at Ohio University, USA. She defended her PhD thesis in mathematics and informatics at Belgrade University. She writes for the leading domestic and foreign journals in literature and art. Her literary opus includes essays, stories, travel accounts and novels.

“Putogledi“, book of essays, travel accounts and stories (Belgrade 2004)
“Tri Fride“, novel (Belgrade 2006)
“Tango za Evitu“, novel (Belgrade 2007)
“Panonski triptih – Ogledi o Dobroviću, Krleži, Vazareliju“, essays (Belgrade 2009)
“Snohvati o letenju”, essays and stories (Novi Sad 2011)
“Taj mali bioskop u našim glavama“ – bildungsroman (Novi Sad 2012)
“Mokambo“, novel (Belgrade 2014)

Some of her prose works have been published in domestic and foreign anthologies. He books have been translated into German: “Dieses kleine kino in unseren köpfen“, English: “Mocambo”, Hungarian and French: “Image parlant“ (Paris 2013) and “Les visages d`une imagination solitaire“(Paris 2013).

Ms Nikolić’s artistic work includes drawings, experimental film and multimedia projects. She has exhibited in a number of group and independent exhibitions and art festivals in the country and abroad. She is a member of the Serbian Association of Fine Arts (ULUS) and Association of Writers of Serbia (UKS). Ms Nikolić lives and works in Belgrade.


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