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Bilingual edition in English and Serbian

Translated into English by Mia Stein Tasić

978-86-7396-502-4 12x19 cm, 115 p. 2015

Од истог аутора

Mirjana Marinšek Nikolić

“A novelist of undoubted talent, Mirjana Marinšek Nikolić writes about the times when we, through music and jazz, opened ourselves to the world and liberated ourselves from slavery to a rigid, totalitarian ideology. She writes about the epoch of the new modernity icons such as the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, founder of pop art Andy Warhol and our guest Ella Fitzgerald. She writes about jazz music and its glorious days in Belgrade.

Real events in real time, the juncture of art fiction and documentary testimonies, were seen by participants in large America and small Serbia. Here is a portrait of the almost forgotten glorious and talented singer Betty Dj., to whom a perspective of the world’s fame was opened. This is an inspiring novel about an inspiring epoch.” (Filip David)

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